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Waxperts Waxing!

I'm very excited to be using the Award Winning hot wax product in the Salon, Waxperts!

There are 2 types of wax - warm wax which is sometimes referred to as strip wax.  This wax is warm and is spread on your skin in the direction of the hair growth.  Using a cotton paper strip it is placed on top and firmly pressed down.  This is then removed by pulling the strip in the opposite direction of the hair growth.  This is used for leg waxing.

Then there is hot wax - this is applied against the hair growth, it is left to cool for a minute and then the end is flicked up and the wax is removed in the opposite direction to the hair growth.  This is more suited to sensitive areas of skin.  It is best on areas like bikini, underarm and facial waxing.

Waxing is a semi-permanent method of hair removal; it removes the hair from the root.  New hairs will not grow back on previously waxed areas for 2-6 weeks.

Full Leg Wax

Half Leg Wax


Basic Bikini Wax

Extended Bikini Wax

Hollywood Bikini Wax

Underarm Wax

Eyebrow Wax

Upper Lip Wax

Chin Wax