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Elim is a medical grade pedicure treatment which uses state of the art ingredients to remove hard skin and calluses from the feet. The beautiful packaging is a nice added bonus.

A Facial for your feet is how the treatment is described, and what a fantastic treatment it is! Traditional methods, such as harsh granular scrubs, filing and blading have dominated the industry for centuries.  

An interesting fact: The action of filing and blading sends a message of trauma to our brain which results in the overproduction and excessive build-up of hard skin; formation of calluses. The cells are basically trying to repair the “damage” not knowing that you’re trying to get rid of those nasty hard heels.

As you may know from the skincare side of things, we are all engrossed in new ways to approach skin health; AHA’s and BHA’s. These acids have actually always been in our products but due to the recent media coverage over the past few years we are much more knowing about them and how they work.

The MediHeel Peeling system offers a chemical alkaline peel which offers a much safer and more efficient method thereby enhancing the overall treatment experience that is a Pedicure.


When the heel peel is carried out the pH of the skin is altered using “The Callus Tonic”. The tonic breaks down protein bonds that bind together the dead cells of the epidermis (callused skin). The main ingredient is Sodium Hydroxide and this is left on for a maximum of 10 minutes.

Once your 10 minutes are up the removal process begins using a scraper and pumice. The scraper removes most whilst the pumice gently buffs and tidies with minimum pressure. (you get to take home your own pumice for home care).

Once the removal process has been completed on both feet the “pH Neutraliser” will be applied to all areas where the tonic has touched the skin. This is an important step as it rebalances the pH and helps maintain the soft supple heels post treatment. The pH Neutraliser contains Citric Acid and Aloe Vera.

If your feet have been a little neglected, then this treatment may show the best results after more than one appointment. Home care is required between appointments to get the best from the system and to provide the best possible outcome for you. A full consultation will be carried out before and after the treatment with homecare advice provided.  Take home products available.

Elim Heel Peel Express Pedicure

Elim Heel Peel Express Pedicure with Gel Polish

Elim Luxury Pedicure

Elim Luxury Pedicure with Gel Polish

About the Products used:

Alpha Hydroxy Acid Foot Exfoliant - Containing Lactic Acid, Glycolic Acid, Jojoba Beads and Collagen this product exfoliates, gently peels and hydrates the feet and lower legs leaving them soft and smooth in appearance. Retail Price £28, 150ml

Elim’s commitment to promoting a clean and healthy environment for ocean life means that they do not use plastics microbeads in their products. AMAZING!

UltraMud - A deep cleansing, rich clay mask formulated with 40 ingredients designed to detoxify, purify, protect, cleanse and hydrate. Key ingredients include: Volcanic Ash, Honey (sourced from a sustainable bee farm in the western cape of South Africa), Maca Root, Arnica and Ginger.

Spa Additive - To wash away the mask feet are then soaked in Spa Additive which is a natural antiseptic foot soak formulated to target fungal concerns and bacteria causing foot odour. Key ingredients are Tea Tree, Rosemary & Geranium and Salt Crystals. 

Retail Price £17, 125g

Foot Perfector is then applied and massaged to the feet and lower legs. This product contains a powerful humectant to maintain hydration, treat dry cracked feet and provide a gel powder finish. Retail Price £25, 150ml

Cuticle MD - Not forgetting those nails, cuticle oil is applied and left to soak in. This oil is antibacterial and is a blend of 10 oils containing a blend of Citrus and Calendula Oils and Arnica extract. Retail Price £10, 10ml

Gold Spritz – The perfect finish to your treatment or daily indulgence of radiance to the legs, arms, body and hair. This finishing oil smells absolute divine which is sourced from the Grasse Region in France. A fine gold shimmer finishes off your pedicure. Retail Price £18, 100ml

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